New Restored Life Counseling COVID-19 Protocol:

Restored Life Counseling will remain open unless we are mandated to close by the Federal or State government.

However, we are moving to Telehealth! Starting Monday, March 30, 2020, all appointments will be through Zoom Healthcare unless you have heard differently from your therapist.

If you are sick and unable to meet, please cancel your appointment ASAP.  Clients will not be charged for canceled appointments due to sickness. The earlier you cancel your appointment, the better chance we have of offering it to someone else in need of an appointment.

If you haven’t already, please sign a Telehealth Informed Consent form and send the completed signature page back to us at or directly to your therapist at his/her email address. If you have an appointment scheduled with us, you will hear from your therapist soon about procedures required to keep that appointment. The Telehealth Informed Consent form can be found here:

Telehealth Informed Consent

Arkansas has temporarily suspended previous restrictions on technology-assisted counseling to protect clients during the health crisis.  Technology-assisted appointments are currently covered by most insurance companies and if you are cash pay. We are checking your benefits after you schedule an appointment, but before the appointment starts. We will call you if your policy does not cover telehealth.

Updated:  March 29, 2020

The welfare of our clients, work-family, and community is our priority as always!

Hope ~ Help ~ Healing

We live in a rushed society with many demands and stressors. Sometimes these demands and stressors become enough to interfere with aspects of life such as work, mental health, physical health, or our relationships with others. At Restored Life Counseling we want to meet you where you are and help point you toward health and wholeness.  Working with our therapists or counselors can help bring out your strengths so that you can regain focus and move forward while getting the most out of your life and relationships.

Restored Life Counseling  is a multi-disciplined counseling center.  The diversity of our therapists’ backgrounds is rich. We have someone who can help you through your toughest problems. Our psychologist and counselors can help you through the struggles of life and provide encouragement in a warm, safe environment. We work with individuals age 5 and up, families, and couples/relationships.

Let our team of experienced professionals help. Call us today for your appointment. (501) 499-8699

Some issues we can help with:








life adjustments


behavioral issues




ADHD testing


psychological testing






group counseling


spiritual issues / growth

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